5 advantages of using 6-inch rain gutters over 5-inch for your home!

5 advantages of using 6-inch rain gutters over 5-inch for your home!

Understanding the difference between 5-inch and 6-inch gutters.

When it comes to choosing between 5-inch gutters and 6-inch gutters for your residential property, several factors need consideration. The primary difference lies in the gutter size comparison, impacting the gutter capacity and rainwater drainage efficiency.

While 5-inch gutters were standard and commonly used, the updated 6-inch gutters offer approximately 50% more water flow capacity. This increased size allows for better water drainage performance, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall(like here in Georgia), houses with larger roof surface areas, and roofs that have a high pitch.

It is essential to assess your specific needs, such as average rainfall levels in your area and roof size, to determine which gutter size will provide optimal water flow efficiency for your property. Making an informed decision based on these considerations will ensure effective rainwater management and prevent potential issues related to inadequate water flow.

5 Advantages of Using 6-inch Rain Gutters

1st Advantage: Capacity

6-inch gutters have a larger capacity to handle more water.

The benefits of opting for wider gutters like the 6-inch size include improved drainage efficiency, reduced risk of overflow during downpours, and better protection for your home's foundation from potential water damage. Homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their rain gutter size is optimized to effectively manage water runoff and protect their property.

2nd Advantage: Cost

Generally, 6-inch gutters are more expensive due to the increased material cost vs. 5-inch gutters.

The material cost for 6-inch gutters is only slightly higher than 5-inch gutters. The difference in total cost between the two would be minimal. Choosing the 6-inch option is more beneficial when considering the cost versus the advantages. Larger gutters help manage water more effectively, reducing the chances of overflow and potential damage to your roof, foundation, or walls.

3rd Advantage: Appearance

Most people like the 6-inch aesthetic appeal. With the increase in height, it matches up better with the fascia.

Considering proportions, symmetry, and visual coherence can help achieve an appealing exterior that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. The 6-inch gutter ads aesthetic appeal and is a popular choice among many people. Increasing the gutter height creates a more harmonious and balanced aesthetic that enhances curb appeal.

4th Advantage: Maintenance

Both gutter sizes require regular maintenance, but larger gutters may accumulate less debris due to increased capacity.

Regular maintenance of rain gutters is crucial to ensure proper functionality and prevent potential issues. While both larger and smaller gutters require upkeep, it is noted that larger gutters may accumulate less debris due to their higher water flow capacity.

By keeping your gutters clean and free from debris, you can prevent clogs and blockages that could lead to water overflow and potential damage to your property. Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning out leaves, twigs, shingle granules, and other debris, as well as checking for any signs of damage or leaks.

5th Advantage: Installation

All new gutters systems should be installed using the updated hidden hanger system with screws.

When it comes to installing new gutter systems, using the updated hidden hanger system with screws is the newer standard method. The hidden hanger system offers improved stability and durability, reducing the risk of gutter sagging or detachment over time compared to traditional spike and ferrule (nail style) installations. The hidden hanger system used for installing 6-inch gutters is a win-win solution for protecting your home and enhancing its appearance.

So who wins?

Given these advantages, we believe that opting for 6-inch gutters over 5-inch is a clear choice. We trust this information will assist you in deciding which gutter size is most suitable for your home.

Need a professional gutter installer?

Need a professional gutter installer?